This Will Be Remembered of Her: 

Stories of Women Reshaping the World

After an unnamed woman anointed Jesus’ feet, he said, “Wherever the good news is preached in all the world, this will be remembered of her.” His words continue to ring true today about women of every culture and religious tradition. This Will Be Remembered of Her is a book about hope, courage, imagination, and compassion flourishing amid the challenges of daily life. Megan McKenna looks at the inspiring lives and words of notable women from both the past and the present, holding them up as examples of how a passionate desire for justice can shine in our hearts and our deeds.

McKenna weaves together three strands — stories from Scripture, stories of select women from around the globe, and stories from religious, folk, and wisdom traditions worldwide — into one strong braid of how life can be made more compelling, more communal, and more just for all people. She juxtaposes biblical women and contemporary women, exploring the reasons why each woman has been remembered. In the end she asks her readers this important question: How will you be remembered?

214 pages; dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9
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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat – Spirituality & Practice, 8/18/10 

In addition to the other heroic women of spiritual fortitude covered in this enlightening work, McKenna also commends the stories of various Biblical women and their impact on others. And there is the added value of stories from various wisdom traditions — McKenna’s trademark. Near the end of This Will Be Remembered of Her, the author sums up 15 priorities which these exemplars of faith, religion, and spirituality have championed. Then she poses the question to us:” How will you be remembered?”

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We Live Inside a Story

In the realm of the Spirit, and when dealing with our own souls and the souls of others, we are often at a loss for words. We have a sense, maybe even an image of what we want to share, ask, or communicate, but words are harder to find and express. Stories are the glue that hold us together in whatever groups we belong to, even if we only visit or find ourselves on the margins. In a sense, our God is a story being told and God is seeking for all of us to listen, to enter into the story and become one.

In this book, Megan uses images of Russian nesting dolls to illustrate the many layers of the stories that exist in each of our lives, particularly in relation to the Spirit. Stories are critical to living and are intertwined with truth in such a way that we can carry them with us, remember them and pass them along, sharing them as needed. We live inside a story. We live inside God.

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Harm Not The Earth

Harm Not The Earth is a wake-up call which tells us that it is time to start bearing fruit, not for personal sanctification or salvation, but for the good of all. The author, Megan McKenna, tells us that if we are to be the followers of Jesus who is the fullness of life and sanctuary for all, who loved gardens and mountains and the sea and prayed that we might all be one in God as God is in us, then it is time for us to shift our attitudes towards who we think God is, what we think we are on this earth for and what it means to live and be responsible for creation ‘in the image and likeness of God’.

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Playing Poker With Nana

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This book is a collection of memories and glimpses of an extraordinarily down-to-earth and insightful woman, my Nana. It looks back and forward – piecing together words, images and experiences of growing up and spending Summer holidays with her in New York, where she sourced, and seeded hope, vitality and sage advice in me. Now in my sixties, I am passing on that wisdom.

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Mother to All, Mother Forever: 

Four Weeks with Mary of Nazareth

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Pope John Paul II referred to Mary as the Mother to All and Mother Forever.  The faithful know they can count on the heavenly Mother’s concern and that Mary will never abandon them.  By taking her into our own home as a supreme gift from the heart of the crucified Christ, we are assured a uniquely effective presence in the task of showing the world in every circumstance the fruitfulness of love and the authentic meaning of life.

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Luke: The Book of Blessings and Woes

Released September 5, 2009

For Christians of our time, Megan McKenna explores the meaning of the blessings and woes pronounced by Jesus on the plains of Galilee. She calls us to the heart of the gospel and to be converted to discipleship in Jesus’ kingdom of God.

In Luke: The Book of Blessings and Woes readers learn about Jesus’ teachings through his parables as well as through insightful stories about Zen masters, Jewish rabbis, Japanese gods, Sufi mystics, and stories told by well-known figures such as Thomas Merton and Leo Tolstoy. We learn that compassion, the source of blessings, means being with others in their pain and suffering and knowing their pain as our own.

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The Hour of the Tiger : Facing Our Fears

The Hour of the Tiger: Facing Our Fears is about the present moment – every moment. It is about facing life and death, fear and love; about facing all the hard issues of life and all the mysterious, deep places of living.

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