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Trinity of Hope

U.S. Catholic guest blog by Megan McKenna

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Conflict talk from acclaimed theologian – and article written about Megan in the The Clare Champion, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland (July 15, 2010).  To read the article, click here 

 Megan’s presentation on The Spirituality of Nonviolence (Parts 1, 2, and 3) at the Pax Christi USA National Conference, July 16 – 18, 2010.  To view, click here. 


Dancing with Angels

Selected Poems by Megan McKenna

(Why she writes – a poem by Megan)

I write to remake the world.
I write to make the world right.
I write to get beyond survival to life.
I write for the right to life for all,
     beginning with earth and creatures and all things that begin
     in seed and seek to sprout and change form, mature, grow old
     gracefully, and die well, finishing their stories themselves.
I write to keep breathing, walking, relating, praying.
I write to worship.
I write to keep the Word enfleshed, to keep incarnation in history,
     to make the Word come true.
I write to make love easily understandable, tangible, simply
I write to make love gratefully to the One who spoke once in
     human flesh
     and whispered “you are a letter that gives heart to my soul –
     write me.”
To order Megan’s book of poems click here and scroll down to “Dancing With Angels”.

Heart’s Ease: A Practice for the Anniversary of 9/11For many of us, the events of 9/11 have affected the way we look at life.  in this article, Megan McKenna presents an alternative lens for considering the tragedy.  To read, click here.


Women’s Spirituality Conference – Video of two sessions with Megan at the Women’s Spirituality Conferenece, St. Benedict’s College, St. Joseph, MN.  Each session is approximately 1.5 hours long – view the entire session or whatever you are able.  Enjoy!   Day 1 – Session; Day 2 – Session


 Megan McKenna’s Address at the closing of the International Conference for Men and Women Religious Study Week in Madrid

This talk looks at religious life in the context of the resurrection and the Spirit that is written about in Paul…”that all creation is groaning in expectation for the coming fullness of resurrection.’ (cpt.8) What can/could the future of religious life look like in light of the resurrection, the needs of the world today, creation and our vocation to live resurrection life and share that good news with all peoples and cultures, and the earth itself. It looks at the primary focuses of religious life and what should be priorities for the future–beginning now.   To read Megan’s address, click here.


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