Harm Not the Earth


Published:  January 2007

Publisher:  Veritas Books

ISBN:  1847300243

ISBN 13:  9781847300249

Paperback:  192 pages


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Harm Not The Earth is a wake-up call which tells us that it is time to start bearing fruit, not for personal sanctification or salvation, but for the good of all.  The author, Megan McKenna, tells us that if we are to be the followers of Jesus who is the fullness of life and sanctuary for all, who loved gardens and mountains and the sea and prayed that we might all be one in God as God is in us, then it is time for us to shift our attitudes towards who we think God is, what we think we are on this earth for and what it means to live and be responsible for creation “in the image and likeness of God.”


Cover Photo by Megan McKenna

The cover photo was taken in a small village south of Mandalay, while standing on the oldest teak bridge (very solid yet falling to ruins) in Myanmar (Burma) January 2006, the reflection caught my eye first, like a mirror image in the heat haze bringing together air, water, land, a tree and the destruction/death still standing in the midst of serenity and exquisite ordinary loveliness.


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